Best 3d Virtual Tour Tips Made Simple: What You Need to Know

Implementing a 3D virtual tour made specifically for real estate is one of the most successful ways to market your home, whether you’re looking to sell or rent it out. Buyers can easily imagine whatever features they want in their new home. A 3D virtual tour allows them to gain a sense of parts of a house or apartment that aren’t visible in standard real estate photos or a property video.

How will 3D Virtual Tour Software Help Your Marketing Strategy?

In real estate, 3D virtual tour software and technologies are becoming the norm. While these 3D virtual reality models may appear to be just aesthetic and a needless marketing gimmick, they actually serve a more important purpose. High-quality virtual tours allow potential buyers to imagine themselves in your house and feel more at ease about making a purchase.

Floor plans, interactive virtual tours, dollhouse views, and smart-device presentations are the most common 3D VR tour product formats. The more interactive these features are, the more likely they are to arouse buyer interest in your property. The latest 3D virtual tour software for real estate is a  key component of Property Brokerage’s effective real estate marketing strategy.

What is &  How Does a 3D Virtual Tour Work?

A 3D virtual tour is genuine, interactive multimedia that allows users (possible house buyers) to explore a location or space (the property) from all angles. By moving the mouse, clicking on the image, or tapping the arrow keys on the keyboard, the user can navigate through the house. It’s pretty straightforward to use. In Australia, there are several 3D software manufacturers to choose from, with Property Brokerage / Interactive Open Homes by 3D Vista being one of the best. Matterport 3D is also a popular choice in the real estate industry, albeit their drag and drop tool integration isn’t as user-friendly as 3D Vista. It doesn’t always load correctly.

3D Virtual Tour Vista Software

3D Virtual Tour Sample Made Using 3D Vista Software

Take a look at some of our most recent 360 virtual tour samples and testimonials from real customers who have successfully sold their homes using Interactive Open Homes and Property Brokerage’s No Price Marketing Effective Sales Process. View a live sample at 6 Teresa St  Nikenbah

How to Take a Powerful 3D Virtual Tour

It’s critical to hire a professional who understands how to capture a quality 3D virtual house tour— check out these suggestions for getting the greatest results when using 3D virtual tours to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

Employing a professional that knows how to properly capture an effective 3D virtual house tour is very important— check out these tips on how to get the best results when using 3D virtual tours to sell your house for the maximum price in the fastest time possible.

Use the Right 3D Camera Lens and Equipment

For real estate photographers, tour guides, and property managers, the 3D Tour camera lens is a game-changing tool. The camera lens accurately records everything in front of it in terms of distance and height. A professional virtual tour creator uses specific video creation software to construct the virtual tour after taking the photographs with the camera.

Correct Camera Placement & Location

The level and quality of information that can be seen are determined by camera positioning and location selection for your 3D tour and should be chosen based on what you want visitors viewing the online version of your house tour to see. For example, in a property for sale, an open space with natural light would be ideal because it will best showcase your property and highlight all of the room’s or space’s advantages.

3D Virtual tours are more than pretty pictures. They can give your potential buyer an engaging and completely immersive experience as they view your property. The aim is that they ‘fall in love’ with it and become an emotional buyer before even viewing the home in person.

Additional Best Practices to Create a Fantastic 3D Virtual Tour

1) Selecting the appropriate camera angle: The camera angle impacts how immersive and engaging the 3D virtual tour is. 

2) Give depth to your scene: To add depth to your scene, use shadows, reflections, and light sources to bring it to life.

3) Use textures to provide depth: Textures offer depth to your scene by generating the perception of distance between items. When they reflect light properly, they may produce a stunning appearance that draws spectators into your 3D area.

4) Sound: It’s best to use sound sparingly as too much background noise in your interactive home tour can be distracting.

If you’d like to speak with a team member about getting a real estate virtual tour for your property, please contact us on 0424 133 443 or via email. Alternatively, make a booking and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. We look forwards to helping you.

Best 3d Virtual Tour Tips Made Simple: What You Need to Know

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