A Brave New World Adapts to Virtual Real Estate Open House Inspections

Open House Inspections

Due to COVID-19 mandatory social distancing and lockdowns, group open house inspections have all but ended, making it more difficult to present your property to potential buyers and tenants. Today’s property sellers and investors need to think quickly in order to stay ahead of the curve and keep business moving.Interactive Open Homes 3D Virtual Open […]

Best Virtual Home Tour Business Near Me

virtual home tours business best practices

Virtual Home Tour Business Near Me— caught you red-handed! Looks like you’ve been googling “virtual home tour business near me” or “virtual tours Hervey Bay” or something similar in hopes of finding a professional virtual home tour business to use for your real estate business (if you are a real estate agent) or for your […]

Best 3d Virtual Tour Tips Made Simple: What You Need to Know

what you need to know

Implementing a 3D virtual tour made specifically for real estate is one of the most successful ways to market your home, whether you’re looking to sell or rent it out. Buyers can easily imagine whatever features they want in their new home. A 3D virtual tour allows them to gain a sense of parts of a […]

Real Estate Virtual Tour Inspections Exceed In-Person Property Viewings

real estate virtual tour inspections skyrocketurs

It’s finally occurred–  prospective home buyers everywhere are choosing real estate virtual tour inspections (aka: 360° virtual tours) (VT) of a home before visiting it in person. The post-pandemic new normal for real estate marketing was disclosed in a Forbes magazine story in late January 2021. It stated that although virtual property tours weren’t uncommon […]

Virtual Inspections— The New Open Home

Millennials Use Virtual Inspections

Virtual Inspections are the new open home because— “The new tech-savvy home buyer thinks visually, places a premium on authenticity, and wants totally immersive on-screen experiences.” Millennial Home Buyers Expect Virtual Inspections More than one-third of all home buyers nowadays are millennials. This accounts for two billion people, or about 27% of the world’s population. […]