Digital Home Tour Benefits

Digital Home Tour Benefits: Convenient & Effective

The popularity and preference of going online for most things nowadays is no secret— online shopping, social media and video distribution platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the norm. Most people have multiple personal electronics including computers, tablets and smart phones to access whatever information they require. 90% of home buyers start their search on the internet.

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A Digital Home Tour is Highly Convenient & Effective

Our 360° Interactive Open Home brings interested buyers straight into your home from the comfort of their computer, tablet or mobile phone— the freedom to experience any property at any time. It’s both convenient and effective!

To make it more interactive, you can add hot spots allowing viewers an opportunity to click on certain areas of your home or location in detail. Homeowners may also opt to use Google Street View or Bing Maps to gain further insight into the area, however in some cases we can embed this information directly into your digital home tour. It’s also a great option for businesses. 

Only about 35% of potential home buyers attend open homes, whereas 86% search online and watch Video Tours as their main tool when searching for a new home. Therefore, online marketing is a vital part of your advertising schedule.

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Having an Interactive Open Home Video Tour offers potential buyers:

  1. a realistic virtual tour of your property
  2. a professional impression that lasts
  3. a better way to interact with your listing

Best of all— it’s a round-the-clock online open house that potential buyers can experience from the convenience of their home or office computer, tablet or mobile phone – 24/7.

Start Using A Digital Home Tour Today And See Your Profits Soar

A digital home tour is a virtual walk-through of your home which you share online for all who see it to enjoy. It’s the most up-to-date, interactive way to showcase your property and we can provide an interactive tour, photography and listing copy for very little cost to you. So what are you waiting for? Start using a digital home tour today and see your profits soar!

Frequently Asked Virtual Home Tour Questions

 Increase visitor retention: Statistics have shown that websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without. A virtual property tour provides you, as a seller with the reassurance that all of your property’s awesome features will be highly visible.

According to major real estate portals and our statistics, digital home tours receive 87% more views than properties that don’t have a walkthrough tour included. Or to put it another way; property listings without virtual tours cause a whopping disinterest in 54% of potential buyers! Just think- more than half of the buyers searching online (which is how most people looking to buy a house begin their search) won’t even consider checking out a property unless it has a digital virtual tour.

Ready to STAND OUT from the Crowd & Grab Buyer Attention?

Digital Home Tours Hervey Bay & Maryborough

Interactive Open Homes currently services the Fraser Coast / Wide Bay areas including Hervey Bay, Howard, Torbanlea, Burrum Heads, and Maryborough. Other nearby regions are also available by arrangement.

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