A Brave New World Adapts to Virtual Real Estate Open House Inspections

Open House Inspections

Due to COVID-19 mandatory social distancing and lockdowns, group open house inspections have all but ended, making it more difficult to present your property to potential buyers and tenants. Today’s property sellers and investors need to think quickly in order to stay ahead of the curve and keep business moving.
Interactive Open Homes 3D Virtual Open House Tours are readily available.

Our 3D Virtual Open House Inspection Tour is the time-saving, expert answer to being able to showcase your property to a wide audience despite restrictions due to the pandemic. We’ll create a stunning 3D virtual tour of your property within two to three business days of your booking. Your home is thoroughly scanned and digitally exhibited in a 360° immersive experience using cutting-edge 3DVista technology. Think of your home as a Google Street View!

Virtual Open House Inspections? 3D Tours? Virtual Tours?

virtual open house tour

So, what does all of this mean?

In other words, you may engage your audience without them having to enter the property whatsoever. Virtual tours may be sent and shared in seconds for potential buyers and tenants to watch at their leisure. It’s easy to lose track of time while viewing the beautiful 3D virtual inspections — it’s almost as if you’re there walking through the house. View our Online Virtual Tours Gallery.

What Makes a Real Estate 3D Tour Different?

Home sellers and real estate agents are showcasing their properties in a variety of different ways, including video conversations with their clients via Facetime or Zoom. High-resolution imagery – including every minute detail and 360° views of the property distinguishes Interactive Open Homes 3D Virtual Tours from other providers.

Having built solid working relationships throughout the local Hervey Bay and Maryborough real estate industry with various agents, online real estate platforms, portals, and SEO copywriting service providers means that every angle of marketing your property is maximized through us. We guarantee that the 3D Virtual Tour link not only remains active for 90 days but opens and runs as it is meant to. We see so many other virtual tours that simply fail to load. Rest assured, using our Interactive Open Home Tour means that your house, unit or whatever type of property you have for sale or rent will be seen by as many people as possible.

Real Estate Virtual Tour Cost

Property virtual tours don’t have to cost an arm and leg! In fact, we can usually offer sellers and/or landlords a complete package including a Virtual Tour, Video Coming Soon Walkthrough, 3D Photography, Still Images, and Drone Photography at a great price. Call us for more information.

*Stand-alone 3D Virtual Tour also available

Attn: Real Estate Agents & Direct Property Sellers

Win 74%* more listings with the best virtual tours in the world.

  • 3D virtual tour of any residential home or commercial space up to 500sqm
  • Shareable link to vendor dashboard
  • Add virtual tour from your CRM directly to REA and Domain carousel
  • Fast Facts featured, displayed as icons highlighting

Virtual House Inspections Post Covid

Open House Inspections Post Covid Restrictions Social Distancing: The New Norm
People will continue to seek effective digital solutions even after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, although it does appear that social distancing may be with us for some time to come. Online shopping also looks like it’s here to stay. After all, we’re all pressed for time and require solutions that fit our hectic schedules. We’re thrilled to be able to offer 3D Virtual Tours because they provide the flexibility and quick turnaround that we want right now.

Interactive Open Homes piqued your interest? If you’d like to know more or are thinking of selling your home soon; simply leave us a message via our contact page and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, call one of our friendly team members on 0424 133 443. We’re happy to assist you.

A Brave New World Adapts to Virtual Real Estate Open House Inspections

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